Macarons are a customer favorite at Sprinklemade!
The macaron is made from finely ground almonds, sugar and egg whites. Its delicate but crunchy outer shell gives way to a soft almond meringue on the inside and pairs perfectly with a silky smooth buttercream or chocolate ganache.
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 If you're looking for a specific flavor or color, take a look below for some of our macaron offerings and place an order today! 
$25 per dozen
A minimum order of 1 dozen per flavor

Macaron Flavors

Vanilla Bean
Double Chocolate
Red Velvet
Cookies & Cream
Birthday Sprinkle
Chocolate Strawberry
Caramel Crunch
Ferrero Rocher

Raspberry Lemonade
Chocolate Ganache
Cotton Candy
Chocolate Caramel
PB & J
Matcha White Chocolate
Mint Chocolate

Inquire about flavors you don't see on this list! This is just a sample of flavors we offer. We love to play with new flavor combinations and happy to hear your suggesstions! 
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hand painted macarons

Macaron Cake

custom shaped macarons

Hand painted macarons make for great favors, gifts, and a special way to say thank you! Contact us with your idea on how you want to share your love with someone with our macarons! Hand painted macarons typically start at $3.00 per macaron
This is for the macaron lover in your life. Large macaron shells are stacked high to create a beautiful macaron tower and filled with your choice of delicious filling! These typically serve 2-4 and start at $25.
Contact us for more information! 
We currently offer several shapes including bears and hearts. Send us a message with your idea and we may be able to make a special custom macaron for you! Custom shaped macarons will typically start at $3.00 per macaron 
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Decorated Sugar Cookies

Our sugar cookies are soft, buttery, delicious and decorated with royal icing.

Custom cookies start at $3.00 per standard cookie size (2"-3") with a minimum one dozen order
Mini cookies (1") start at $18 per minumum 2 dozen set
Prices will vary depending on the nature of the design
Contact us for more information and to order your custom set today!